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Shaka Surf are Now The Official Distributor for Wau Eco Surfboards

Now that the craziness of Consumerist Black Friday/Black November and we're now officially in Christmas season. Please don't get suckered into the so called 'sales' from the biggest tax avoiding companies, we're looking at you Amazon!

We think the world has enough plastic, in our oceans and our landfills already. Did you know that only 9% of your recyclables actually get recycled? Crazy right. As a company that's deeply concerned about the state of our oceans and how reycling gets treated we're doing our small bit by actually using plastic trash we collect to make our fins making our product a true recycled product.

Shaka Surf and WAU Eco Surfbaords Have Joined Forces

We're stoked to announce a new partnerships with German eco surfboard brand WAU. If you don't know who they are, they're an awesome German handshape surfboard brand that put sustainability as their #1 value and use recycled EPS cores and bio resins to make some stunning boards. Mostly crafting crafts for the river wave there, they also make beautiful surfboards for waves ranging from 2ft to 8ft.

All their shapes are hand shapes and made with German precision engineering - better than Audi, definitely better than Volkswagen, these boards are like Ferraris under your feet without the price tag! Don't believe take a look for yourself.

Where can I get me one of these eco boards are hear you say? Well as the official Western European distrubutor you can buy them directly from us via Shaka Surf Store

Hold on. Getting your basket...