Smart watches are great and all, but nothing beats a good looking watch. Natural wooden watches are becoming very fashionable these days. They have many advantages over other kinds of plastic, metal and electronic watches.

For one, with less components the chances of anything going wrong with them are less likely. Another good reason for choosing them, is that they are hypoallergenic meaning they won't cause an adverse reaction on the skin. Of course, bamboo watches and the like are made from natural materials and have less impact on the environment than their electronic and plastic counterparts.

If you're thinking of buying a mens' wooden watch, check out our product guide below:

Subtle wooden watches

If you're after something a bit more icognito and less obvious it's a wooden watch, then 'The Swifty' with its suede leather strap is the best choice for you. With its Quartz movement, wooden face and leather strap not only do you get great value for money, you also get a watch that will stand the test of time!


Dark face and strap

For fans of dark colored watches we highly recommend 'Smoked'. This watch has a very similar face to 'The Swift' but has a very stylish dark brown leather strap instead of a lighter one. This blends in the face and strap very well, and provides a very cool and stylish look that would contrast well with lighter clothing. 


The Adventurer

Do you like the outdoors? If you're a fan of traveling and adventuring, 'The Navigator' is the perfect watch for you. With Japanese Quartz movement and super-reliable accuracy, The Adventure is for those who like a more technical watch. You'll never get lost with this watch, as it can also act as a compass!