Essential Accessories For GoPros

Looking for some good session accessories for your GoPro, but can't decide what to buy? Fear not, help is at hand. Here's a quick run through of some essential GoPro accesories you will definitely need to get those epic shots and videos!

GoPro Surf Mouth Mount

Our GoPro Mouth Mount product is great for down the line shots and getting those unique P.O.V footage. Whether, that's barrel riding, or doing some serious shredding this mouth mount will make it easy for you to get awesome footage. It features a dummy bite so you can firmly grip onto the camera and have your arms free for movement. The camera is held in by the usual clamp and the mouth mount hooks over this. You also have a bouancy block that attaches to the back of the GoPro casing, should you accidentally let go of the mouth grip. This will ensue the GoPro floats up to the surface, and you don't lose your footage!

GoPro Braces Connectors

For an alternative design, that works on the same principle you might prefer the GoPro braces connectors, which feature two prongs that will fit into your mouth to secure the camera. The advantage of this product is that you don't have to bite down on anything, as the prongs will rest against your cheeks once inside the mouth. Also, you have a neck strap attached, so if the camera comes out you don't lose it in the water!

Make your session epic, with one of these GoPro accessories.