Your Questions Answered


What are your eco surf fins made from?

Our eco surf fins are made from recycled bottle caps and other recycable materials that we collect in Portugal from our suppliers.

Where did the design for the eco surf fins come from?

The concept was designed by a very talented street artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. It references the swell charts surferrs use as a indicator of where to surf.

What is wrong with FCS or Futures Fins?

Nothing per se, performance wise they're awesome. They are just made from non-recycable materials and various chemicals/substances go into their fabrication. Our fins use 100% recycled materials and plastics.

I'm not a surfer. Do the fins have any other purpose?

Absolutely! Many of our customers use them as decoration pieces for their business or home. They can be easily framed, collaged, or used as stand alone art piece.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. If you're outside of Europe you may have to wait a little longer to get your awesome surf fins, current shipping times are up to 6 weeks for international orders.

Do you offer refunds?

In cases of wrong size ordering we will be happy to replace with the correct size of fin, but you should make sure you order the right size and right kind of fin system to reduce the back and forth. We only refund in cases of defect during transit and burden of proof lies with the customer.

Do you sell other products apart from eco fins?

We have plans to expand our product range, but for the time being we are selling only eco surf fins.