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Tips To Help Your Local Beach Clean Up Its Act

Do you love beaches? Of course you do, we all do. We love our beach days so much, soaking up the sun and frolicking in the water, … The best ever! And if we wanna keep it up, we must keep our beach clean.

Here are five easy ways you can help protect our beaches and save our beautiful life.

  1. Stay away from plastic bags

Always bring your own bags (or boxes) with you when shopping, minimize the use of disposable plastic bags, trays and plastic bottles. You can completely reuse plastic bags or any plastic objects. This will not only save you money on concessions but also reduce our environmental impact. Stay away from those evil plastic bags!

Garbage Environment (Photo: hhach/ Pixabay)

Trash doesn't just disappear and we all know it, so take everything you brought back with you and that will make the ocean smile.

  1. Save energy, gasoline ... Immediately!

It sounds unrelated! Vehicles and energy are stories of the mainland. Is that the sea, is that the sea?

But actually, it is very relevant. The energy you use every day, the gasoline you use to run the car,... all converts into CO2. This gas contributes to global warming on Earth and also increases acidity in seawater. Consequently, corals at sea and oceans are being destroyed on a global scale. Moreover, the development of shrimp, fish, and marine organisms is also severely affected. Surely we don't want to see a polluted and lifeless beach, right?

Bicycles obviously take up a lot less room than cars.

(Photo: Christian Mueller/Shutterstock)

So, to save the sea, you simply need to change your transportation habits. Please take public transport, bike or walk instead of using personal vehicles. No matter where you live, don’t just be prepared for the day’s weather, be excited about it!

  1. Feed yourself, not the animals

If you do decide to bring food to the beach, make sure it’s just for you, and only you! Don’t disrupt the diets of the animals, such as bird or fish, that are sharing the shore and sea with you.

Dirt Outside Banana (Photo: Laura Tara/ Pixabay)

4. Do not use cosmetics containing microbeads

Surely one of us also has cosmetics such as cleanser, toothpaste, ... In these types, there are often sparkling, tiny particles, advertised to help message, exfoliate or remove plaque.

Is your face wash killing fish?

But do you know most of them are tiny pieces of plastic? They are called microbeads. When you use products with microbeads, they are washed down directly into the drain and flow into rivers, lakes, and seas, etc. So please carefully select the products you use and make sure they do not have microbeads.

5. Spread the word

Why not talk to your family and friends (even though with new people if you have a chance) about all you know about the beaches of the oceans. Educate everyone you love so that they can help do their part to protect the beach and oceans we all love. It sometimes connects you with like-minded people.

We're pretty sure almost everyone has a place in their heart for the beach, so pass on the word, help us keep the beach clean, our marine life safe and the beach beautiful!

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Follow these tips to help keep our beaches safe and clean. Make small changes, we are all saving the beach, the ocean, and keep the stoke alive!

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