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ECO Single Fin 9"

ECO Single Fin 9"

A fully customised and bespoke eco surfing fin suitable for single fins, longboards and SUPs, or as an objet d’arte for interior decoration.


100% Upcycled Surfing Fin

The first of its kind in Europe the recycled surf fin from Marlin fins is a game changer and we're proud to be working with them. But we've added the Shaka Surf touch to create bespoke surfing fins that look at place in the home or in the water. 

Made from recycled PET plastics ♻️ and 100% sustainable surfing fin 🌊 with a custom pattern, our fins stand out from the crowd. 

Size: 9" / Available in different colours. 💚🧡💙💜

Ships from UK & Portugal

IMPORTANT: Screw and plate not included

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MaterialsRecycled PET Plastics & Bio Resin
DesignCustom Painted
Eco Rating10
Dispatch 1 - 2 Weeks
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