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Our mission is to deliver high quality, durable surf products that use natural and/or upcycled materials. Our products will not only provide great utility for surfers, but have minimal environmental impact. #saynotoplastics

Shaka Surf are a dynamic young surf brand bringing eco surf products to the forefront. Sustainability and leaving the planet in a better state than we found it our core to Shaka Surf’s values. As part of their ongoing drive to rid beaches of plastic waste, Shaka Surf are very active when it comes to be participating in local beach cleanups and community schemes. Shaka Surf have partnered with other brands who share the same sustainability goals to produce surfing equipment that doesn’t just tick the ‘eco friendly’ box but combine utility, aesthetics and technology creating a perfect harmony.

Shaka Surf have two main products our eco surf fins and 3D printed surfboard made from recycled plastics. We work with our chosen partners who are experts in plastics and manufacturing and have spent countless R&D hours, and investment in producing quality products that not check off the eco credentials box, but also perform well in all kinds of surf conditions.

Shaka Surf swear by their eco surf products, and if it’s not something they don’t use when going for a surf, then it won’t be listed on the site. Vetting, and thoroughly testing our eco surf products not only gives us them a good excuse to go surfing, but also 100% confidence in the product and that it’s suitable for the everyday surfer.

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