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What Kinds of Trash Do You Find At The Beach | Shaka Surf Blog

The War on Waste

It's well documented how much trash 🚮 are washing up ashore onto previously pristine beaches. You've probably noticed it when you've been strolling along the beach, the amount of discarded cigarette butts, fishing nets, plastic trash of various forms, toys, foam, even bits of surfboards can sometimes be found. It's depressing and it's damaging not only the natural ecosystem but also presenting risks for other beachgoers such as small children.

It's not until you participate on a beach cleanup that see just how bad it can be. All those little bits of microplastic that can and does end up in the marine foodchain and the chemicals leaked out from cigarette butts is a big issue. It wasn't until I participated in my first beach clean-up that I got an appreciation for what we're up against. Even if there are ample trash cans within a short walking distance it doesn't deter the weekend crowds from leaving their empty cans, food packaging on the beach. It really pisses me off. How can we be so lazy to not walk a few yards and put our trash in the bin 🗑️.

trash on the beach really grinds our gears

Expect More PPE To Be Found

What I'm truly concerned about now after lockdown in many countries is being slowly lifted, is that we'll soon be finding other bits of disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from surgical masks to gloves. This presents numerous problems for people who encounter such as discarded items. How long has this been left on the beach for? Is it safe to pickup? Should I wear gloves to pick up a discarded glove? Again people fail to see the consequences of their actions for others. When participating in community beach cleanups there, therefore needs to be safety considerations in place. Volunteers will have to wear masks, practice social distancing and of course wear PPE themeselves.

Can The Trash You Find Be Repurposed?

Rather than sort the trash you find into recyclables and non-recyclables how about repurposing some of that trash into art or objects? You can take a leaf out of the Shaka Surf upcycling program where we use plastic trash such as bottle caps in the production of our eco surf fins made from PET recyclables. Or you can get creative in other ways by using the trash for an art project. Here's just a few of our favourite ideas, and if you've never done something like this before have a quick search on YouTube for ideas.

1. Painted Robots from Toilet Rolls

robot toilet rolls Time to get your paintbrushes out and get creative with the kids!

2. 10 DIY Craft Projects from Plastic Bottles Time to creative with everyday household plastic waste. If you're stuck for inspiration be sure to watch this YouTube video

3. Ambitious Art Sculptures From Carboard Boxes

guitars from cardboard boxes This LA based artist makes awesome sculptures from carboard boxes. We for one approve of this new found use for all those Amazon boxes!

We hope that some of these ideas have inspired you for your own upcycling project. Who knows you may even be able to make a business from collecting trash as we have done with our eco surf fins.

Have you tried using trash to create some art or an object from it? Let us know in the comments.

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