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Should Pro Surfers Be Dispensing Wisdoms About The Environment | Shaka Surf Blog

I saw this on Reddit today and whilst scrolling through the usual humorous platitudes such forums offer, an interesting comment was made about whether surfers are the best advocates for telling people to protect the environment. Indeed, many surfers have taken up recent campaigns, telling us not to use plastic straws, asking us to pledge something for the oceans and of course Kelly's own sustainable clothing line being launched a few years back. 

It makes you wonder when you think about how many flights these guys take in a year to compete at the spots, going to other surf spots or back home in between events. And if they really are the logical choice to be promoting environmental messages. The hypocrisy of it all has been noted many surfers and non-surfers a like. I bet you probably wouldn't have to look too hard either to catch some of the pros using take away coffee cups or plastic straws even if they had featured on an ad against their usage. 

"Do what I say, and don't do as I do" springs to mind when I see these kinds of campaigns from Corona et al. I think more work still needs to be done on getting the right kinds of advocates to deliver these important environmental messages. Why surfers who actually live by the kinds of messaging these brands are wanting to promote aren't approached is beyond me. Surfers like Dave "Rasta" Rastovich or big wave surfer Hugo Vau, to my mind, would be more logical choices to promote such messages. 

In a way, I can understand why the CT surfers have been approached to say "Guys, c'mon we need to stop using plastic" as they have more mainstream appeal. But, wouldn't it make better sense to do educational shorts where the CT guys and girls are perhaps learning how their current lifestyles can be modified to help the environment. Whilst, the sentiment and motivation to make a change is there I think the execution can be refined better. 

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that other advocates should be used for promoting environmental messages? Let us know in the comments.

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