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Purchasing Power | Shaka Surf Blog

🌱Now Is The Time To Make More Sustainable Choices🌎 We all have tremendous purchasing power and the day to day descisions we make have enormous ramifications for the global world. We've see it with 🦠COVID-19 how easy access to cheap flights has helped this become a global pandemic. We've seen how vulnerable global supply chains are, when the two global superpowers of China and US struggle we all struggle. As global markets continue to reel from the fallout of pretty much everyone staying at home, we're hoping this is now a good time to reflect on sustainability issues.

Banding Together

In terms of the surf community, there's never been a better time to work together and think up ways of how we can make better choices in our daily lives. Our little project was forged out of the desire to make a change in the industry and highlight the need for more eco surf products to be available to surfers. Quite a few years ago there were little alternatives, but it's encouraging to see now more sustainable surf brands and new projects that have come to fruition.

Surfer Egocentricism Makes This Sometimes Hard

It's been quite telling to see the online reaction to the American surfer who went out surfing J-Bay in South Africa when there was a national lockdown and local surfers had been staying indoors. If you didn't hear about this story read here. There was one of two main reactions from surfers around the globe. The first was indignation that this guy was playing the "I didn't know" card, what makes him so special etc. The second main reaction was that good on him, stick it to the man etc. etc. This second reaction is what worries me the most, because it's precisely this egocentricism that has got us into the state we're into today and why popularism has gained traction. Surfing can be a solitary thing, and at times yes we're all a bit egocentric but I'm a firm beliver in coming together at times of crisis. And boy do we need to come together more than ever.

Floating some ideas on how we can all use this time to making better purchasing decisions:

  1. Question everything e.g. where has this product been made and what has been the impact?
  2. Do I really need this or can it wait?
  3. Big brands vs. small brands. Surely it's always better to support the little guy.
  4. Utility vs. Street cred. Sure you might get some street cred if you have some cool big name branch clothes, but most are manufactured in developing countries these days and the quality is no longer there.

Let us know what you think about the above in the comments.

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