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Introducing Cork Traction Pads | Shaka Surf Blog

Introducing Cork Traction Pads

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Shaka Surf Expands Its Eco Surf Product Range

Let’s face facts, most of the surfing accessories we use on a daily basis has some detrimental environmental impact, and we need to make better informed decisions rather than just always going for the cheapest mass produced cheaply made product, in some industrial city in mainland China. For too long, the surf industry has been slow to react but now the sense of change is really palpable.

It’s why we’ve decided not only to sell our eco surf fins made from recycled plastics but also partner up with some great Portugese brands to distribute other sustainably made products. A new partnership we’ve just formed is with Eco Pro who make awesome 100% cork agglomerate traction pads. We’re proud to get the word out about the alternatives to the traction pads you see in your typical surf shop. Their pioneering EcoPro©UniBody technology offers greater traction and adhesion to the surfboard, as the result of its flat base.

Not just for surfboards

The 100% Cork agglomerate traction pads mean that you get not only great traction, but cork is way more robust and offers great comfort for the surfer. The range includes not just traditional retro and classic traction pad styles, but also options for kiteboarders, tow-in surfers and windsurfers.

On this announcement, Dom Taylor from Shaka Surf says “We’re stoked to be expanding our product offering and working with cool companies who align with our values. I’m only using EcoPro’s traction pads on my boards now and really happy with how they feel and the traction I get. Plus the adhesion feels a lot better.”

To get your hands on your very own cork traction pad head over to our Store where you’ll find a great range and a current 20% discount on all their eco surf products.

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