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How We Can Reduce Climate Change as Surfers | Shaka Surf Blog

Let's face it, climate change is real. There's no longer any use in shutting out the voices of reason and expertise. It's ridiculous that there's still climate change deniers in the world that prefer to hold onto their narrative that I know better than people with Phd's and who have been studying this stuff for decades. "Sure pal, it's all a big conspiracy by the Chinese to curb US dominance".

Thankfully, there's people out there finally getting through to the governments and organisations and certainly there's been some good positive signs of change with Greta Thurnberg and Extinction Rebellion in London. Whilst, this is all well and good have you ever wondered what as a surfer you can be doing to mitigate the effects of climate change? This is something that plays heavily on our minds at Shaka Surf and we believe that we can all play our part in helping to reduce climate change.

What can surfers do?

  1. 🚗  Ride Share

I admit I'm guilty just as much as the next guy for loading my car full with stuff and not having any space for anyone else, or going surfing at times when I know my mates can't join me as they're working. Let's face it surfing is a fairly selfish sport, and I know for myself I need to do better here. I think we've just gotta start making some sacrifices, and perhaps waiting for better days to surf with mates rather than surfing regularly but shittier waves. Getting a ride share going will not only be helping reduce carbon emissions, but surfing with your mates is always more fun. Has someone cup with a decent ride sharing app for surfers yet? Now there's an idea.

  1. 🔌  Go Electric

It's certainly the future and I predict in about 10 years time this will be the only option when you buy a new car. Well we can live in hope can't we? These days more and more car manufacturers are getting on the bandwagon and I'm all for it. I'm not saying you have to splash out on a Tesla or anything, just something that's affordable for you. Electric cars have awesome technology inside and will be sure to be the envy of your mates when you rock up to your local break in one.

  1. 🏡 Staycations

One of the major issues we're facing now is not only increased emissions from the burning of kerosene that fuels modern day aeroplanes because flights have become a lot cheaper, but also the rise of overtourism in a number of places. There's several factors at play here, but a major part is cheaper airfares. Essentially holidays have become a false economy and there's always going to be adverse effects because of these "bargains", whether that's locals getting priced out of their cities or increases in traffic, pollution and waste arising from it.

So before you book that flight to Bali or Costa Rica, consider some other options. Staycations will not only save you heaps of money, be better for the environment but also you could score even better waves by just staying home and exploring some new spots.

  1. 🙇 Marie Kondo Your Quiver

Do all of your boards 'spark joy'? Are there any boards just laying dormant. Consider getting rid, either by selling or giving away to someone in need. You'll be fuelling some groms stoke and your own knowing that there's no need for them to buy an epoxy or PU board.

  1. ♻ Cut out single plastics in our daily lives

    By this point, we all know that single plastics are causing a lot of harm. Things likes straws, plastic cups, bags and bottles are not always recycled and we've seen how much of these items are floating in our oceans and washing up on shore. We can all stamp out single use plastics in our lives from carrying drink water bottles and refilling them, to outright refusing staws or plastic bags when we shop. At Shaka Surf we've turned single use plastics into our eco surf fins available in different colors and sizes.

In summary, we all can start to change our lifestyles and collectively for these changes to start having a big impact.

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