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How To Stay Surf Fit This Summer | Shaka Surf Blog

Summer is coming with beaches packed and waves crammed full of eager groms and locals battling it out for some space. And surfing always is one of the most activities which is peaks during the summertime. Do you want to rip it up in the nice long peelers, or walk leisurely on the beach topping up your tan? It's time to get your fitness on point and surf a whole lot more! We love to letting you know about staying surf-fit this summer, so here are amazing tips to stay in shape quickly so you can enjoy your next surf holiday so much more:

  1. Swimming

Swimming is considered one of the best sports to improve overall health increase muscle tone and get rid of unwanted pounds once and for all. It is commonly said that swimming is one of the best activities to burn fat.


Because unlike running or riding a bicycle it puts most of the body’s muscles to work. The heart increases its potency as a result, pumping oxygen faster to reach all corners of the body and increasing the rate at which calories and burnt. Simultaneously heart disease is prevented on a different note many people can not do high-impact exercises like running due to the problem in the joints back or hip which lead them to sedentary lives. If you are one of these people, swimming turns into a very attractive option. Many people are sure that they feel more relaxed and with a lower stress level after a good swimming workout. This is great because stress increases cortisol level a hormone that makes people store a lot of fat very easily.

  1. Yoga

You may be bored with hearing about how Yoga can help surfing but it really can. There are a shocking amount of studies that show the health benefits of yoga. If you think it’s something for only naturally flexible or for happiness, think again.

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There are a lot of benefits when practicing yoga and especially for your mind and your body. It seems the popular term yoga body actually has some evidence behind it. Moreover, yoga has proven to help the body become more flexible, relieve migraines improved posture decompress lower back pain, boost immunity. Keeping flexible and strong is key to staying surf fit and Yoga does both of these.

That’s a lot of stuff so at this point you may be thinking what’s the best way to get started? Try a 20-minute yoga workout after this post and see how you feel. I’ll link some of the best places to start for beginners in here (Yoga for Surfers: If you’re feeling those yoga vibes and enjoyed it then you should either:

  • Join a studio
  • Find an online book or program to help you walk through it

It can help you in so many ways and even minimize your risk of injury especially when your water time is pretty few and far between when surfing.

  1. Food: Go Organic and Consume Metabolism Friendly Foods.

Choose your food products wisely. Say NO to GMO foods produced with the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. They only SLOW down your metabolism, also you should set long and short term goals, which you can reach within a short time. Take a moment to reward yourself for every success, this will help you keep a positive attitude toward meeting your ultimate goal.

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Consume metabolism friendly foods. You should include dairy products in your diet plan. They provide calcium to burn fat and build muscle mass. Maintain a normal level iron for better oxygen transport and use iodized salt to help support your thyroid gland. People usually think that healthy food is boring and tasteless but secret is to learn how to spice it up and vary it just learn to cook, try new foods and build healthy meals around the foods you like more.

I hope these lists have helped to give you some inspiration or at least some ideas that you yourself could use to help you stay motivated. Get ready for your next surf adventure by getting in shape.

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