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How To Look After Your Wetsuit | Shaka Surf Blog

Rinse your wetsuit after every surf

As soon as you’ve finished your swim and you’ve taken off your wetsuit, you want to remove any really obvious dirt cause it’s much easier. When your wetsuit is soaking wet and the same goes for getting out of the swimming pool. You might think your wetsuit is clean, but sea water and sand inside doesn’t do your suit any good at all, so give it a really thorough clean. Let's rinse it through on the inside and then turn it around, and rinse it thoroughly on the other side as well.

Make sure you don’t use any detergents if you don’t want to ruin your suit.

Don't wash your wetsuit by washing machine

wetsuits drying You do not wash your wetsuit in the washing machine and dry it in a dryer! Clean it yourself. People sometimes question, ‘can you wash a wetsuit in hot water or in a washing machine?’, but this should be avoided as washing neoprene at hot temperatures can reduce flexibility.

OK, if you are a surf school and have a ton of wetsuits that different people use daily then from time to time it’s ok to wash them in a washing machine. But you need to use only lukewarm water, set your washing machine to the lowest temperature possible, and choose a wash cycle for delicate clothes. No spin cycle and take the wet wetsuit out of the washing machine and dry it outside. It is more important to keep them clean than to keep them in top shape cause they are worn by many different people.

Don't leave your wetsuit in the sun!

wetsuits on hangers

Once you’re happy your wetsuit is completely clean, it’s time to let it dry naturally. Maybe you don't know, heat is the enemy of wetsuit fabric. Because the UV rays will deteriorate the wetsuit fabric really fast. So just make sure you find somewhere away from direct sunlight and not to close to a radiator and leave it to dry naturally.

Store it in the right way

Once your wetsuit's fully dry, you will need to store it. Now when you’re using it regularly, having it on something like a banister which has got a nice wide soft edge is perfect. But when it comes to winter or several months, you probably want it out of sight. Now, the ideal option is to put it in your wardrobe and using a hanger, something like this, so you’ve got the straight bar and then you can just roll your wetsuit over that. In the middle, it’s only got one fold and it should not have any sharp creases.

A helpful tip for when storing your wetsuit on a hanger is just to use a towel folded over and then place that over the bar and it just makes it a little bit wider, So let pressure on your wetsuit. You might not have the luxury of space in your wardrobe to store your wetsuit. So sometimes you will need to fold it to put it away.

Conclusion, if you follow these tips, it will prolong the use you can get out of your wetsuit. But if you’ve got any great ideas, we’d love to hear from you, so please leave any tips you might have in the comments section below.

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