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How To Choose Comfortable Summer Shoes | Shaka Surf Blog

Did you know that the number one foot issue among all young Americans is sweaty feet and foot odor? Yeah, that's according to a survey conducted just this year by the American Podiatric Medical Association. I know almost every one of us has had to contend with this issue at some point in life. But what causes sweaty feet and foot odor? It has got to be a poor choice of shoes.

Everyone want to stay cool in regardless of time and weather, but when selecting shoes, only a few people consider the weather. This is, however, a mistake you cannot afford to continue making. During summer, stinky and smelly feet are bound to be a part of you if you don't have comfortable shoes. In order to most comfortable shoes for your feet, there are few things to look for:


The best material for summer shoes should feel comfortable on your feet and canvas is the top-rated choice for a warm weather. That's why the demand for canvas shoes goes up every summer.

The slip on canvas shoes for men for instance has a lining made of cotton fabric which increases cushion to your feet while also absorbing sweat and massaging the feet gently.

Since canvas is known to be a very durable and resistant material, your pair of shoes will last long whereas maintaining their new look through time. The outsole is made of rubber to give you the needed grip even on slippery surfaces.

High-Quality Footwear

Quality should be everything when looking for a good shoe. High quality means that the shoe is not only durable but also care-free and has nice traction. Slip-on canvas shoes or loafers with lightweight and breathable features provide the highest quality and comfort level. An breathable canvas shoe is also diseases-free, anti-odor and gives out a natural feeling on your feet, making your feet stay cleaner and healthier.

As the material is very easy to clean and maintain, any canvas footwear is good to have if you will be driving, riding during the day or wearing it for casual walks and a troll. Canvas footwear also makes a good choice for gifts to family members, friends or relatives.

Breathable Feature

Getting breathable shoes helps keep feet at normal temperature. Breathable shoes ensure that air circulates well inside the shoe even when you're wearing it. This is especially important if you are looking for something to wear during a hot summer day.

Models like canvas breathable loafers are designed to keep your feet within comfortable temperature. They have a unique sweat absorbent feature to keep the feet always dry and clean.

It doesn't matter if you are going for a loafer, a moccasin, or a zapatilla because as long as its canvas, you can now finally say goodbye to stinky feet.

Lightweight Shoes

Regardless of the season, always go for shoes that are light. They not only help to make movement easier but also place a minimal strain on your ankles.

Canvas footwear is mostly made of special insole and outsole material that is naturally light and simple, allowing you to easily run in them. Wearing a lightweight canvas shoe makes feet more breathable, fuss-free and relaxing which would be perfect for an afternoon at the beach, for running errands and helps avoid any bruise and discomfort.

You can actually play beach volley in them, and they will barely fall off.

Good Fit and Fashionable Design

If you are looking for comfort more than anything else, try to find a shoe that nicely fit true to your feet size. Slip on canvas shoes or canvas hemp loafershave free and relaxing designs and are designed to be worn with or without socks, allowing them to fit your feet perfectly.

Most of canvas slip-ons or loafers also pack some of the most stylish patterned designs with elegant summer colors for both women and men. They have simple patterns and gentle colors, making any wearer look cool, relaxed and fashionable.

Male, Female or Unisex Shoes

An extra tip for finding the best footwear is to go for unisex designs. Unlike models made for men or ladies only, unisex models receive more attentions as they can please both sexes in term of performance and designs.

Unisex canvas shoes embrace straightforward and unique designs with sweat-absorbant and anti-odor, making them ideal options for everyone looking for easy and comfortable walking experience while staying youthful, stylish and fashionable. Unisex canvas footwear also has various selections and models to choose from and is the best choice for casual shoes when traveling, sporting or getting outdoors.

 Don't take our word for it though - try it yourself.

Comfortable canvas shoe helps to keep your feet always feel cool in summer days. And, people of all age and sexes love unconditionally them because they are fairly comfortable to wear in other seasons as well. So, all you have to do now is to get the right model, find the style you love and make both you and your feet happy.

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