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Forget New Year's Resolution Make a Pledge To The Oceans | Shaka Surf Blog

January blues always hit us hard at Shaka Surf after all the family time, eating and drinking it's a perfect time to reflect on what changes we'd like to make in our lives for the year ahead. This year rather than make any resolutions we've decided to more or less make a continue commitment to helping our oceans, cleaning our local beaches and keep on keeping on. There'll be no gym membership sign-ups or extreme dieting (though we will be participating in Veganuary), dry Januarys. Instead we pledge to keep living simple lives, not buy any unnecessary new things and cut down on our carbon emissions through less air travel.

From the business sides of things we've also looked at ways we can improve our supply chain and lower our carbon emissions, and have come to the decision to only ship our products within the EU. We may review this decision further along the year, but for now it just makes sense. Whilst we're aware that these are only small changes by a small business, we have to act now to avoid the cumulative impact we're all having on our environment and avoid warming of more than 1.5 degrees within a decade. The below graph as tweeted by Greta Thunberg explains it well:

mitigation curves 1 5C 190423

Source: Robbie Andrew - Data: GCP

Join with us a make a pledge to our oceans

Will you join us this year to make a pledge to change a habit that can improve the health of our ocean. This could be anything from not getting a take away plastic coffee cup, to making sure your sorting your recycling correctly. Whatever the pledge, make it with us and together we can make a stand and say no to single use plastics and change our daily habits.

Don't forget that our fins are made from recycled plastics and this year we will have more styles and colours in stock. All our environmentally friendly surf products are available from our Shaka Surf Store

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