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Dressing Like Your Favourite Celebrity or Surfer | Shaka Surf Blog

These days it's pretty easy to find inspiration from the net, to emulate your favourite celebrity or surfer. Instagram, for example, can be great in this area as all you have to do is to search by hash tags and start getting some ideas of what your favourite celeb or surfer is currently wearing.

Before, celebrities and surfers, would often endorse clothing and products and not declare that is was an endorsed product. However, Instagram has released a new feature last year so that when they promote a product a label will show up saying that its an endorsed product.

Getting the inspriation - Reliable sources

We find that there are some great trusted sources for getting some fashion inspiration to start dressing like your favourite celebrities and surfers. Inspirational fashion websites such as Etsy and Pinterest are the perfect choice when it comes to design ideas.

Watches are one such accessory that it's pretty easy to pinpoint where our favorite celebs or surfers are getting their timepieces from. Often they will hashtag the brand, as they're getting paid to endorse the product. New features such as shop the look apps, also help people to buy lesser known watches such as rising trends such as Bewell watches.

Some of our favourite surfers are obviously contractually obliged to wear their sponsor's products. Following them on Instagram can reveal the brands upcoming collections, as often the surfers will get first dibs on new season's products. This is great to get a feel for upcoming fashion trends and also with Instagram new clickable product shopping features, we can now grab the item instantly! A few brands are capitalising on these features, however many are still just placing a link to their online store in their bio.

Before, the age of online shopping it was sometimes quite hard to find the exact clothing and accessories your favourite celebrities or surfers were wearing. For instance, I've always wanted to buy the leather bracelets worn by Johnny Depp in a lot of his movies, but I've struggled to find these in the retail stores.


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