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Do You Even Carbon Offset Bro? | Shaka Surf Blog

Feeling bad about taking your next flight? Chances are that despite the guilt you're probably gonna take it any way. Let's face it who really wants to spend the best part of their weekend getting from A to B when it can just take a few hours by airplane. And then there's the cost. Taking a quick look at national and international rail ticket prices the cost can be up to 4 times as much as taking a low cost carrier.

Fly less, offset more

We've all known for a long time now how bad flying is for the environment, and whilst we may have contemplated offsetting each journey through charity donation or some other means, invariably we let it slip by the wayside. This year, however, we're predicting that more travellers will do the right thing and cut down on non-essential travel and/or offset their journeys.

As surfers we too have to make some sacrifices. For the past few years, I've certainly been going on less trips and instead selected to base myself close to a very consistent break, whilst still having good transport links to other surfing regions and countries. Being in Portugal certainly gives you plenty of options and you soon come to realise a trip to Indo is really not necessary.

But I'm only one person what impact can I possible have

This is often heard in the climate change debate, and is the easy opt-out for doing nothing, or very little. Imagine your little impact x 1,000, or x 10,0000 - it does make a difference. Let's face it those in power are slow to react and implement changes, the individual is more nimble and agile and makes a difference now, not in 10 years time.

This being said, we still need to keep pressure on our governments to make policy shifts that are better for the environment. Your vote is your biggest voice, and so choose it wisely to send a powerful message.

Even Trump is beginning to listen

It's not all doom and gloom. Trump's announcement that the US will join the 1 trillion tree initiative shows us that momentum is beginning to swing in favour of the climate protesters. There's reason to stay optimistic.

Ok, so what can I do?

If you're a young person we would definitely recommend joining a 'Fridays For Change' climate strike to keep the momentum going in 2020.

If, like us you feel a bit too old to go on the Friday climate strike, there's lots else you can do. We recommend starting off very simply and looking at your everyday life. What small changes can you make in your life that will help? This might be something as basic as turning off all the lights when you go out, or using less water for showers.

When it comes to travel, try to reduce the amount of non-essential flights. Look into switching to a electric vehicle and if it's possible to go to your destination overland instead. If you absolutely have to take a flight, at the very least offset your journey through the airline carrier's nominated charity or your own.

The most important thing is just try to be consistent as much as possible. We're not all perfect, and yes there's gonna be times where we slip up. But let's just do our best for ourselves and future generations' sakes.

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