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Corporate Social Responsibility | Shaka Surf Blog

seedling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a way to generate some positive PR about your business. It's about nuturing relationships either at the local community level or further afield. It's about giving back and offering career fulfillment and a sense of added purpose for your employees. As a startup, we've embraced CSR and have some advice for other startups looking to do the same.

Easy Ways To Get Involved in CSR

  1. Local Community Projects

At Shaka Surf we always like to start local, and then think global. We look at local community projects and ways we can be involved, especially if the project's mission aligns closely with what we do. For us we've found local beach cleanups a great way to get involved with the local community. We combine community projects with our routine business activities and that helps us to be way more efficient.

  1. Donate a Percentage of Profits To Charity

Whilst many SME's can't afford the level of philanthropy of Bill Gate's Foundation, it's not how much you give but the active particpation of donating a percentage of your financial year end's profits to a charity of choice. This giving back has been important for us at Shaka Surf, and we always make sure to donate to charities which align with our mission.

  1. Consider hiring a dedicated CSR person

    Depending on where you're startup is at, you may want to think about going the extra mile and hiring a dedicated CSR officer. Having a dedicated officer will be one less thing to worry about and will embolden your company's mission. Make sure to involve the CSR officer in meetings and ensure that they communicate their projects regularly with the team.

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