Celebrating Women in Surfing and Sustainability


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Celebrating Women in Surfing and Sustainability

In mark of International Women's Day today, March 8th 2019, we are celebrating awesome women who are championing sustainability in surfing. Women who are highlighting the importance of beach clean-ups, reducing plastic usage, and promoting changes in all kinds of environmental issues. Without these environmental advocates, we probably wouldn't have progressed as much as we have in the last few years.

WSL Women Promoting Sustainability

Steph Gilmore for a long time has been my favourite surfer on tour. Not only does she exude style and grace on a wave, but she refuses to be pigeonholed into the whole marketing aspect of modern day surfing for women which sad to say still relies on tapping into femininity to get people interested. Steph proves that you don't have to wear skimpy bikinis to get views, the surfing speaks for itself.

Aside from being a great role model for young girls, she is more vocal than others on tour about environmental issues. Aligning herself with brands that are passionate about raising awareness to climate change. This can be seen when she speaks about the need for changing behaviours and leading by example when she recently used Audi's electric car in San Francisco.

She also makes the perfect candidate to promote new lines of swimwear that are eco centric. This was even more recently seen when Roxy choose her to model the new POP Surf collection, which unlike collections before has a much more positive environmental message.

Women Outside of the WSL

A post on women, sustainability and surfing wouldn't be complete without a mention of one of the most vocal advocates of not just sustainability in surfing but also social cohesion, I am of course referring to Easkey Britton. Since a TED talk in Dublin in 2013, she has gone from charging heavy slabs in Ireland to bringing surfing to women who had never seen a beach let along surf in Iran. Into The Sea documents her time in Iran and how surfing can be used as effective tool for bringing about social change. If you haven't yet seen Into The Sea, we'd highly recommend setting some time aside to watch it a bold and truly eye opening documentary.

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