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Can You Live Happily With a One Board Quiver? | Shaka Surf Blog

one board quiver We sure you've seen those posts on Instagram from your favourite surfers, with a seemingly never ending supply of fresh new sticks wherever they go. Oh the joys of sponsorship. Yeah, sure it makes sense but sometimes I can't help thinking do they really need so many boards with vary little variaton in their volume, height and thickness.

If the WSL were really serious about environmental issues they should start imposing limits on how many boards surfers can take to travel with them, or how about supporting local shapers more? Perhaps they could insist all competition boards must have been produced by local surfboard shapers.

Slimming Down These days I don't rarely buy new boards. For me personaly more reward comes from labouring, sweating and swearing trying to manufcature your own. Whilst, I'm no Ben Aipia or Tommo, I find doing it this way I appreciate the board a lot more and tend to be more careful with them. I'm yet to break any of the baords I've made and have slimmed down my quiver to about 4 or 5 boards. My aim is to slim this further down by the end of year to just 2.

For an aspiring shaper this has been hard, as the temptations is to make all the boards you can, after all that's the only way to learn right? But, if I can be a bit more careful about the materials I'm using e.g. bioresins and make boards for friends etc. it gives me so much more satisifaction than selfishly making boards for myself.

One board to rule them all Is it really possible to have a one board quiver? Can a surfer truly be called a surfer if they just have one board? I think this notion that a surfer must have as many boards as possible to get the full experience of different boards and sensations is ridiculous. For anyone that thinks they can't live without just one surfboard, they should watch Given - they might just change their mind.

It's symptomatic of our consumerist culture today, they we should buy the latest fashions, models and conform to the latest trends. But all this is showing it's no longer sustainable and soon we will all have to start making sacrifices. Starting small and working your way up to larger sacrifices is one thing I've found makes it more manageable. Don't go full cold turkey straight away. If I set goals for myself to slowly reducing the boards I have and I'm careful not to spend too much time on board review sites or at my local surf shop, I can easily hit my goals.

We're doing some research on this topic and would like to know if you could live with a one board quiver? Be a champ and answer our poll, it will take like a second! Cheers.

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