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5 Reasons To Choose Our Eco Surf Fins | Shaka Surf Blog

Update, Jan 13 2020 We've now updated our eco surf range to help the budget surfer out with our single fin 9" marble effect that won't break the bank at $49.99. Shop now

eco friendly surf fins Shop now Are you a surfing enthusiast? Are you an ocean enthusiast? If yes, you all obviously know the special connection between surfers and the ocean is undeniable. We -- as surfers, always choose the best choice for ourselves and for our ocean. That why we have developed our eco surf fins.

Why you should choose our fins?

  1. Sustainability

The eco-friendly Fin is the first sustainable surfboard fin – turning ocean waste into performance surf gear. As a surfing enthusiast, you've probably heard the name "Bali"- the surfer's paradise. The sad truth is that over trillion pieces of plastic are floating is all too often found floating in the same waters that we dream to surf. This number will tremendously increase if we don’t reduce the production of virgin plastic and take recycling more seriously. We are convinced that by developing innovative products based on recycled material, we can raise awareness about ocean pollution.

  1. Unique design

Our eco surf fins are made from recycled bottle caps and other recycled materials to form a composite material which then goes into the moulding fabrication. The fins are eco-friendly, and with our composites offer great performance. And based on the expertise of our team of engineers, and designers we pretty sure that our eco surf fins combine performance with a unique design.

  1. Strong performance

For us, it was most important to provide our customers with quality products. So, we collaborated with fluid dynamics experts and product designers to ensure our fins stand up to performance testing. We are confident in our eco surf fins to not only perform when needed, but also combine art and creative design with functionality. In addition, we are pretty happy with the overall weight of the product and flex meaning that sustainability doesn’t have to compromise performance.

  1. Supporting an environmentally friendly business

One fin = 70 recycled plastic bottle caps

At Shaka Surf we make our fins from recycled plastics primarily and are committed to our pledge of reducing plastics in our oceans. We considered many options to make our fins sustainably and decided to develop the option swell lines collection are made with shortboards, single fins, and longboards in mind.

Choosing eco-friendly fins to help the fins whether made from recycled or repurposed materials are putting waste to good use. Additionally, purchasing power has a great impact on the industry. The more people that buy eco-friendly and more sustainably produced products will lead the way for change in the mainstream. This has happened with wetsuits and we predict it will happen with accessories such as surf fins.

  1. An objet d’arte

We are always wanted to develop a product made of recycled material to meet all the expectations of surfers everywhere in the world. Our team has designed a unique environmentally friendly surf fin that meets the needs of surfers and is also a piece of art, which can be used for decoration around the home or office. At the core of our philosophy is to use less and product more and by investing in the design the surf fin functions as more as just a surf fin.

As Rusty Miller has once said: “we as surfers live off the ocean’s energy – if it’s now time to give back, I don’t want to miss out”. Many drops of water make an ocean and swell pulses from many thousands of kms can make a wave. It’s time for us to take inspiration from nature and be the change.

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