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5 Oceans versus Shaka Surf | Shaka Surf Blog

What's in a sustainable surfing fin?

5 Oceans are a crowd funded company run by German expats based out of Bali/Australia. They have concentrated on producing shotboard fins with a degree of flex and offering a more performance based fin, thereby sacrificing on fabrication using 100% reused and recycled plastics.

Shaka Surf are an entirely self-funded company that supply eco surf products and not just fins. Our fins are made from 100% reused and recycled materials and hence offer a fully sustainably made product. Whilst we offer shortboard fins our flagship product are our single fins, of which we offer 9" sizes suitable for mid-lengths, longboards, single fins and SUP's.

We are not concerned with making profits or satisfying shareholders as long as we can make a modest living we are happy. Our small profits are reinvisted back into carbon offset, and re-wilding and planting tree initiatives.

We back our products If we don't feel comfortable using the products we sell on our store, we won't sell them. It's that simple. From our fins through to our traction pads and boards we use our listed products on a daily basis. It has to get the Shaka Surf seal of approval before anything else.

Combining art and surfing This is something we are extremely passionate about. Our fins are not only functional they are also objet d'arte, standing out visually. It's part of the fun of surfing, to stand out from the crowd and we believe surfing and art are inextricably linked.

Objet d'art - Our Orange Single Fin

With free shipping, a 10% discount on our eco surf fins that are made from 100% sustainably there's never been a better time to own a Shaka Surf fin.

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