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Announcing The New Swell Lines Single Fin and G5 Fins

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Our Story

Shaka Surf was started through our love of the ocean. We realised change was needed after working in the surf industry and seeing such wastage first hand and non-sustainable practices. Thus, Shaka Surf was born to deliver high quality eco surf products at competitive prices.

For The Love of Wood

From eco wooden fins to bamboo sunglasses and necklaces, we are always looking to nature to provide better alternatives for everyday use products. Not only are our products of high quality there are free from toxins, parabens, and skin irritants. Shop the latest style of hypoallergenic watches.

Carbon Neutral

As a carbon neutral business we take the environment very seriously. Any footprint that our manufacturing or logistics leave, we make sure we offset it. You can shop with confidence, that you are supporting an eco-friendly business. We also donate a % of our profits to carbon offset charities.